Shakespeare said it’s one and one make three, that’s why it’s poetry

 f21 dress

aldo bag

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Appropriately, I’m in love with my outfit.

As I’ve said before, this is my go-to dress.  So flattering, so girly, so great worn with simple accessories, mismatched with other prints, or edged up with a moto jacket and booties.  And this shirt is going to become a staple, I think.  I just got it last Friday and this is already the second time I’ve worn it (first time was half-tucked into black jeans with a belt and hoop earrings).  I’ve even got another outfit idea in mind for it that you’ll be seeing next week (it’ll be a red-letter day–the first time this blogger really goes for denim on denim).  What I love about this shirt is that it’s a basic chambray shirt with a twist, the adorable polka dots.  I think that the fact that it does have a simple print actually inspires me to wear it with more, instead of limiting me.  It’s interesting enough to make an outfit–this look wouldn’t have the eclectic, quirky vibe if the shirt were plain chambray (and no way would I do the denim on denim dare to come).

In many of my outfits, I perfectly coordinate accessories and pieces.  But some of my favorite looks are when I mismatch things, and find that settling for matches that seem less than perfect actually yields effortless perfection.  It’s kind of like the lyric I chose for the title today–sometimes in style, one and one make three.

This lyric is from Bruce Springsteen’s new song “Frankie Fell in Love,” which I am completely obsessed with.  The lyrical genius cannot even been described, and the music pumps you up.  I chose this lyric today because it’s about love, and then I realized it also applies to fashion.  Anyway, check out the song for some serious fun.

For Valentine’s Day wearing a little heart necklace ($1.80 at Forever 21!)

Also, as my Valentine to myself, eating a lot of chocolate today and CARRYING THIS NEW BAG THAT I AM RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED WITH.  I love Aldo bags–they are so affordable and such good quality, not to mention unique and fun and fabulous.  Couldn’t resist this one when I went shopping with my mom last weekend.  Between the color, the structure, the texture…I’m just in love. ❤

What I’m wearing today:

  • Forever 21 dress, necklace, and bracelet
  • LOFT shirt
  • Earrings from Macy’s
  • Aldo bag
  • Hue tights
  • Charlotte Russe boots

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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