Hearbreakers Gonna Break Break Break Break Break…




La Dolce (& Gabbana) Vita

So I haven’t posted in a while, I know!  When I’m away for the summer my outfits are more suited for taking care of horses and donkeys than for writing a fashion blog.  Also, school is CA-RAY-ZEE and my fabulous photog and I have barely had time to take pics!!!

Excuses, excuses!  Anywho, this dress is my new obsession, my new very special find, my latest prized, real piece of high fashion.

I mean, It’s a bright green Dolce & Gabbana midi with owls, bunnies, squirrels, frogs, birds, snails, and other woodland friends on it.  I mean…


As you can tell I’m in luuurrvvvvveeee.  There’s a new Dolce & Gabbana store in Chicago and my mom and I wandered in one day, after seeing more of their owl-motif stuff in the window (their new collection is an absolute dream, with all kinds of amazing animal motifs, simultaneously cute and beautiful).  And then I saw this.  And it was an oh-so-wearable-and-vegan-friendly (no silk!!!) a-line cotton frock with cap sleeves and BUNNIES…love at first sight.  Like actually someone should write a freaking romance novel.

As always, I like to pair a bright patterened dress like this with some neutrals and a piece or two that draws out the colors in the print.  So I picked a blue bag to match the blue birds and some gorgeously blingy Kate Spade faux-emerald earrings (their jewelry right now is off the chain.–or rather, on it…).  And of course, nude kitten heels (confession–wore nude flats instead part of the day) and a delicate gold ring so all eyes were on this dress.

In the future I plan on rocking this number with some different-color accents, like pink, and a cropped jean jacket.  Classic-but-modern femme.

What I wore on Friday:

  • Dolce & Gabbana dress
  • Kate Spade earrings
  • Kensie Girl heels (and for part of the day Boutique 9 flats)
  • Aldo bag
  • ring from M2 Boutique

Title is, of course, from Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.  I’m as obsessed with her as much as (if not more than) ever.  Have you seen her streetstyle lately?!?! Off the charts.  I CANNOT WAIT for her new album on Oct. 27th!!! I can’t imagine how many amazing lyrics there will be for me to obsess over and make as post titles…

Happy Fall all!

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