A Little Wiser Now



I’ve been planning this look since Christmas, when I got these pants, these oxfords, and this fantastic brooch!  So excited to finally wear it, even though it may have been a weensy bit cold for it today.  How awesome I feel in it is so worth chilly ankles.

The pants are J.Crew Collection’s Cafe Capri, which I have in two other colors: my mint-and-gold brocade that I’ve featured on here before, and an emerald green cotton pair from J. Crew’s main line.  They fit me well (a little hard to move in the stiff fabric but worth it) and come in a variety of fashion-forward materials, colors, and prints.

I knew I had to pair them with two of my go-to basics:  this light H&M Conscious Collection blouse and my Ann Taylor blazer that makes me feel cozy and sophisticated at the same time.

What makes this look, though, is the accessories (I took a selfie to highlight the jewelry!).  I think I just need to wear more brooches and pins in general.  They add such a personal, eclectic touch to a look.  This Moschino one I got for Christmas is timeless and looks like it was made for the lapel of my trusty black blazer.  Another style resolution I’m always making is to layer necklaces more!  Always adds an effortlessly cool feel.  Love the three different gold ones I layered today, and I don’t think they detract attention from the brooch .  On the contrary, I think they bring the focus up and make it pop!  Also, these shoes!  Leopard-print oxfords.  Love.  I always see girls in streetstyle pics (and one particular girl named Taylor Swift) looking fantastic in oxfords, but neither pair that I’ve had previously (a cognac and a coral pair) have fit me perfectly, and they’ve looked more sloppy than professional.  I usually prefer ones that have thin soles like a ballet flat, because I think the really menswear, thick-soled ones would be too clunky, but I really liked the feel of the thicker sole and heel on these today.  They were fun to walk in–I felt authoritative–but weren’t so chunky that I found them unflattering.  The shoes also have a really nice structure to them.  I thought they were cute with the white ankle socks peeking out!


This bag was also a Christmas gift, and I’m completely in love.  I’ve been coveting a Rachel Rachel Roy bag for a while.  What I love is that she is all about the details, and adds tons of quirky ones.  Those are the things that make a piece special.  This bag is quilted, has little wings, and studs, but also more subtle details like a rhinestone evil-eye zipper pull, royal blue trim on the straps, and labels on the pockets inside that say things like “communicate” on the phone pouch and “words” on a slot that can fit a pen.  So unique, and thought it really complemented without distracting from this look.  Plus it’s roomy enough for everything I need on a busy Wednesday!

Aunt Florence’s watch complements this classic-chic-with-a-twist look perfectly.

What I’m wearing today:

  • J. Crew Collection pants
  • H&M Conscious Collection tank
  • Ann Taylor blazer
  • Forever 21 oxfords
  • Moschino brooch
  • Anthropologie long leaf necklace
  • J. Crew giraffe pendant
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs turnlock charm necklace
  • Vince Camuto earrings
  • Rachel Rachel Roy bag from T.J. MAXX
  • Aunt Florence’s watch

No earthly idea where the socks are from.

Post title from “Feel Again” by OneRepublic.

Hope you all had a fabulous day!

Find the Magic, Go and Grab it




What I wore for my first full day in South Beach (day above, night below)!  It was very windy.

I find vacation dressing really fun and different from dressing at home.  I find it’s easier to look effortless since you have an extra-limited wardrobe from which to choose, and so you’re forced to make some more unexpected pairings (for example, in the outfit below I normally would have reached for a black belt, but it’s so much more interesting  because I only had a brown one).  You also have to mix and match more than usual because you can only bring so much with you.

South Beach is known for crazy style and fascinating people watching.  I’ve seen some awesome and some not-so-awesome street style.  One of the best things I saw was a pair of paper-white wedge sneakers with a high-heeled pump printed on the side.  Fantastic.

I also spotted some no-fail outfits while biking around South Beach (lesson learned, never, I repeat, never, bike in denim short shorts.  Your thighs will thank you).  If you’re ever stumped on what to wear in warmish weather, a loose white button down with ripped denim shorts and little to no jewelry (no necklace—let the collar be the only thing framing your face)  is always effortlessly sexy, and in any situation it’s hard to go wrong with a bright colored top and a fun printed bottom.

Above, I’m rocking a cute casual look, featuring some awesome gifts I got for the holidays–Kate Spade stud earrings and this amazing Love Moschino crossbody.  I was thrilled to discover that the denim line of one of my all-time favorite houses makes faux leather bags.  This one is especially great because it comes with the scarf already tied on it.  It looks so chic, and I find whenever I try to tie a scarf on a bag myself it looks bulky and weighed down.  Thanks, Moschino (and my mom who found me this bag)!

Speaking of which, while I’m on winter break my mom has taken over photography duties.

What I’m wearing above:

  • Charlotte Russe tank
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs denim shorts and sunglasses
  • Betsey Johnson belt
  • Taylor Swift for Keds sneakers
  • Love Moschino bag
  • Kate Spade earrings
  • Guess bracelet

What I’m wearing below:

  • Topshop top from Nordstrom
  • Rag & Bone boyfriend jeans
  • Prabal Gurung for Target heels
  • Francesca’s Collections belt
  • Forever 21 necklace
  • Macy’s earrings
  • Darcel X Kate Spade ring




Some things just go together.  Tomatoes and mozzarella.  Ali and Noah from The Notebook.  Katherine Hepburn and wide-leg trousers.  Kittens and Youtube.  Killer heels and ripped boyfriend jeans.

As soon as I put this outfit on and looked in the mirror I knew it was one of my all-time favorites.  I love the perfect combo of these lace-up heels and shredded boyfriend jeans (both of which are favorite pieces of mine on their own).  This shirt was also a Christmas gift from my parents, and it is so ridiculously soft and comfortable, not to mention stylish and adorable.  I love a fave statement necklace poking out from under the collar.  And as I said above, the brown belt (along with the half-tuck, a favorite styling trick) makes this outfit, which I put a lot of thought into, look effortless.


Post title from “Good and Broken” by Miley Cyrus

Happy Holidays all!!!