Cause When My Head Tells Me No, My Heart Tells Me Go





What I wore yesterday in a little town in Southern Italy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new overalls!!!!

Still mastering the whole getting the straps to the right length thing so don’t have a weird pouch.  But the short overall trend is huge this summer (saw two other girls wearing them yesterday) and this chambray color and the polka dot print are so my style!  It’s really important when trying a trend to find a version of it that is “you”–if you can’t, it’s not the trend for you.  You should always wear what you like–not only because that’s how you feel best, but you also won’t look like you’re trying too hard to be trendy.  Find the “it” item in a print or color you love and/or a style that really flatters your body (it takes some searching but it’s worth it!), and find trendy pieces that go with your favorites in your wardrobe.  And, of course, don’t wear a trend unless you actually like it!

Knew I wanted to pair these overalls with a great white tee and some cool layered necklaces.  I love the effortless feel of the lariat style of the shorter one, which I got as a gift years ago, and the white faux-pearls in the longer one echo the white dots of the shortalls (I also chose round faux pearl earrings).  Echoing the shapes in the prints you’re wearing with your jewelry is a great, and often overlooked, way to look more pulled together.  When wearing polka dots I like to choose round earrings or jewelry with round beads or charms, and with more geometric prints I choose jewelry with more stark, straight, clean lines.

Have had these sandals forever (since like sophomore year of high school) and they’re great.  They’ve got a tiny little mini wedge, are such a light purple that they go with everything while still being a nod to my favorite color, and are comfortable and generally adorable.

Also obsessed with this bascially perfect brown crossbody I got recently.  It’s a larger version of a bag I have in yellow, and it is so easy for all summer outfits.  I love the rich yet versatile color, the crossbody strap, the zipper detail, and the turnlock closure.  Was super affordable but looks luxe.

What I wore yesterday:

  • Rue 21 overalls
  • Halogen tee from Nordstrom
  • Express sandals
  • Betsey Johnson fedora
  • Tiffany and Co. short necklace, a gift from a friend
  • Linda Levinson Designs long necklace, a gift from my cousin
  • bracelet and earrings I took from my mom
  • Street Level bag from Francesca’s Collections
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Hope you all are enjoying summer so far! ❤


Post title once again from On My Way by Lea Michele, current song obsession



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