Summer 2016!

zara joie

Outfit 1:

  • Zara jacket
  • Halogen t-shirt from Nordstrom
  • Joie skirt
  • J. Crew Factory flats
  • Ann Taylor necklace
  • Kate Spade New York bracelet
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors earrings

f21 dress


  • Forever 21 dress and earrings
  • J. Crew cardigan
  • J. Crew Factory flats
  • Stella McCartney bag
  • Tiffany & Co. necklace
  • Ann Taylor bracelet


Outfit #3:

  • J. Crew Collection skirt
  • J. Crew cardigan
  • Halogen t-shirt from Nordstrom
  • Sam & Libby for Target flats
  • Steve Madden bag
  • Kate Spade New York bracelet and earrings
  • Necklace from a jewelry sale at school


I know I haven’t posted in pretty much forever, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been dressing fabulously.  Quite the contrary, actually.  I feel like my style really evolves with each passing year, and the major shift I’ve noticed lately is that it’s becoming a little more about the clothes and shoes than the bags and jewelry (though all are still important).  Those who know me often think of me with a bright statement necklace and a massive collection of bags, and that’s not inaccurate.  However, lately I’ve found myself gravitating to the same, more basic (for me that’s a really relative term) bags and jewels to compliment my ever-more statement making outfits.

As I always say, one of the things that really makes an outfit is what you do in it.  That’s something I love about my summer style–my looks are often accessorized by really fun plans and places to go, not just condemned to a day in the library.  I know I’ve posted lots of looks here, but I’d like to take a moment to tell you about where I wore, and what I love most about, each one.

Outfit #1: Rocked this for a fun day off of work that consisted of shopping, the movies, and lunch out with my mom, followed by a night in with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in ages.  The cropped, butterfly-appliqued jacket and the jean skirt are both very recent acquisitions and I’m obsessed with them.  I wasn’t really feeling the whole jean skirt trend before I found this Joie one.  All the ones I had seen previously either reminded me of the unflattering minis I wore all of 9th grade or threatened to be dowdy.  This one is amazing.  The a-line shape isn’t clingy at all, so it’s comfy and super flattering.  The big pockets, buttons, and braided waist are such fun details.  I’m overwhelmed with ideas for ways to wear it all year round.

Outfit #2:  Rocked this for yet another fun day out with my mom, which concluded with a play downtown.  I have an addiction to Forever 21 floral dresses.  I have way too many in my closet, but I knew I had to buy this one when I put it on.  I feel so beautiful in it, and I love how it’s kind of pinup-girl-meets-Blair-Waldorf.

Outfit #3:  This was a work look for my magazine internship.  I scored this fantastic skirt at the J. Crew on Madison Avenue when I was in NYC with my mom on the way home from college.  The mint and lilac hues are my two faves, and the metallic shimmer is gorgeous.

Outfit #4: My first-day-of-work look!  The moment I got this Marissa Webb shirtdress (over winter break) I knew I’d wear it to start off my internship.  How cool is it with these embellished loafers?  This dress is one of my favorite things in my closet because it can be styled in so many ways.  It’s great as a dress, but I’ve also worn it like a jacket, partially buttoned, with jeans or shorts and tights.

Outfit #5:   I rocked this Express suit to a political event.  Like the Marissa Webb dress, this suit gets unexpected edge from the studded shoes and is one of my closet MVPs.  It’s almost as cute broken up (the jacket with a black pleather skirt or the pants with a great blouse) as it is together.   I love the bold-but-sophisticated statement it makes worn as a full suit the most, though.  A printed suit shows you’re a real fashion risk-taker.

Outfit #6:  So funny story, this was part cute outfit, part kind-of-costume.  The outfit was inspired by the character of Norma Bates from Bates Motel (played by the incredible Vera Farmiga) and I rocked this to a Walking Dead convention where a couple Bates actors were doing meet-and-greets.  No, I do not watch The Walking Dead.  Yes, I do love Bates Motel that much.  But I also love this skirt so much and love the way I look when I wear it, so this is an outfit I would totally wear in regular life, anyway.  What made it more Norma than me was the addition of the belt–and taking this style cue from a fictional character made me realize I should belt skirts and dresses more!

I hope to do more outfit posts this summer.  Hope your season is off to a fabulous start!


Outfit #4:

  • Marissa Webb dress
  • Circus by Sam Edelman loafers
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors bracelet
  • Forever 21 earrings
  • Valentino necklace charms on a chain from M2 Boutique


Outfit #5:

  • Express suit
  • J. Crew Factory top
  • Circus by Sam Edelman loafers
  • Kate Spade New York earrings
  • Necklace from M2 Boutique
  • Bracelet from Clique boutique
  • Bare Minerals Moxie lipstick in Live It Up


Outfit #6:

  • J. Crew Collection cardigan
  • J. Crew Factory top
  • Skirt from Paris in Montana boutique
  • Cole Haan belt (stolen from Mom)
  • Sam & Libby for Target sandals
  • Kate Spade New York Earrings
  • Bracelet from Clique boutique

Back to Black

I’ve got a day AND a night look for you today, both mostly black but with pops of pattern and color.

Day Look (movies and lunch)
black dres



I love this little black fit-and-flare with studs at the shoulders.  It has a cool cutout at the back, too.  I feel really pretty in it even though it’s much more simple than the pieces to which I’m usually drawn.  Of course, it becomes much more me when paired with my awesome leopard wedge sneakers and my favorite blue bag.  As I’ve said before, this bag feels really luxe even though it was super affordable, and the unique color with the structured shape make my outfits feel more polished and stylish.  I usually keep the crossbody strap on it and use it (I need crossbodies in my life), but today I thought it would be chicer to just carry it by the short handles.

I kept the jewelry plain gold but with sass to complement the sneaks.  My fave little gold pendant and blingy hoops, plus this awesome ring I got while on my trip, at Accessorize.  I’ve wanted a two-finger ring for a while, as long as they’ve been trendy, but I’ve never fallen so in love with one that I bought it until I found this one.  It looks like a dachshund!!! So me.

Although I barely needed it, I brought this cool and supercomfy mixed-material jacket with faux leather sleeves and gold hardware in case it got chilly in the movie theater.

What I wore for day today:

  • Delia’s dress
  • Betsey Johnson sneakers
  • Aldo bag
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace
  • BCBGMAXAZRIA earrings
  • Accessorize ring
  • THML jacket from Art Effect

Night Look (out for sushi):



I’ve been wanting to wear this look ever since I got this tulle midi skirt!  I plan on creating lots of fashion-forward looks with it.  It also has an elastic waist and a jersey lining so it’s really comfy.  I paired it with this great faux-leather tee (it’s supersoft jersey in the back), a fave statement necklace and earrings (they’re silver leopard faces), t-strap heels (falling more and more in love with these–I love the way they look on my feet), a snake-print clutch and of course, a red lip.

I normally do a red lip as the sole burst of a different or non-neutral color, but I read in a magazine that red and mint work together so I thought I’d try pops of both. Also, I feel like this top and skirt really call for a red lip.

What I wore tonight:

  • Forever 21 skirt and earrings
  • Bailey 44 tee
  • Report heels from Francesca’s Collections
  • Express necklace
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors bracelet
  • Big Buddha clutch from (M. Frederick is a California clothing store owned by Adam Levine’s (my celeb crush!!) family)

Hope you all had a great and stylish day.

Title, obviously, is the name of an Amy Winehouse song.

Some awesome looks from last week.

favedress favedress2



Busy college life means I’m just posting these looks from last Monday and Wednesday, but I love them both!

First up, my all-time fave floral dress, paired with a classic cardi and a new statement necklace that I got at a jewelry sale at my school’s campus center (a fun surprise!).  Not to mention my awesome leopard–print oxfords.  I love to mix prints with this dress, and I do often because I worn it a million ways.

What I wore Monday:

  • Forever 21 dress and shoes
  • J. Crew cardigan I took from my mom
  • bracelet I also took from my mom
  • Necklace from jewelry sale
  • Ann Taylor tights
  • Vince Camuto earrings
  • wore my Rachel Rachel Roy bag with this, not pictured.

Next, Wednesday’s look.  An all time fave.  My crazy pants, back again.  Color coordinated and bold, but the slouchy white tee keeps it cool and not stuffily matchy-matchy.  I love the bold gold and edgy details with the pastels, and I’m rocking a new fave necklace that comes with two layered rows with little pastel stones.  Love layered necklaces, they add so much interest.

What I wore Wednesday:

  • J. Crew Collection pants
  • Forever 21 vest
  • Dakota Collective tee from Coco & Cashmere Boutique
  • Steve Madden Bag from T.J. Maxx, a b-day gift from Jenn
  • necklace from M2 Boutique
  • Francesca’s Collections belt
  • Guess bracelet
  • don’t remember what earrings I’m wearing, either little gold hoops from Macy’s or Vince Camuto gold studs

And of course, I always wear my beautiful Aunt Florence’s beautiful watch.

Have a great week all!

They Might be Bigger, But We’re Faster and Never Scared



Belated post of Monday’s Look.

Preppy and edgy blended together.  As you know, this blazer is a fave and makes every look more sophisticated and put together.  I have never knotted a belt the way I did here, but seeing other girls do it and wanting to wear a skinny belt but only having one that was too long (necessity is the mother of invention) prompted me to try it.  I loved the effortless, interest-adding effect.  Plaid is a contradiction in a print–it is as iconic for the punks as the preps.  Edgy silver jewelry, like this studded bracelet and my fringe earrings, played off the punky side of black and red plaid, as did my Falabella bag, but velvet slipper loafers, the belt, and the blazer nodded to the print’s preppy heritage.

I love these Marc by Marc Jacobs slipper loafers. The velvet texture makes any outfit fresh, the color is almost a neutral, and the cute little owls are awesome!  I get lots of compliments on these.   Not to mention they’re a MBMJ shoe that’s not leather!

Last time I wore this dress it ripped a bit along the bottom side seam, but I actually think it needed a slit to make it easier to walk in.  Thanks so much to my suitemate Abby for sewing that up for me!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Forever 21 maxi dress
  • Ann Taylor blazer and tights
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes
  • Tasha bracelet from Nordstrom
  • Akira earrings
  • Necklace from Kristen
  • Stella McCartney bag
  • Target belt

Post title from “Change” by Taylor Swift

Shakespeare said it’s one and one make three, that’s why it’s poetry

 f21 dress

aldo bag

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Appropriately, I’m in love with my outfit.

As I’ve said before, this is my go-to dress.  So flattering, so girly, so great worn with simple accessories, mismatched with other prints, or edged up with a moto jacket and booties.  And this shirt is going to become a staple, I think.  I just got it last Friday and this is already the second time I’ve worn it (first time was half-tucked into black jeans with a belt and hoop earrings).  I’ve even got another outfit idea in mind for it that you’ll be seeing next week (it’ll be a red-letter day–the first time this blogger really goes for denim on denim).  What I love about this shirt is that it’s a basic chambray shirt with a twist, the adorable polka dots.  I think that the fact that it does have a simple print actually inspires me to wear it with more, instead of limiting me.  It’s interesting enough to make an outfit–this look wouldn’t have the eclectic, quirky vibe if the shirt were plain chambray (and no way would I do the denim on denim dare to come).

In many of my outfits, I perfectly coordinate accessories and pieces.  But some of my favorite looks are when I mismatch things, and find that settling for matches that seem less than perfect actually yields effortless perfection.  It’s kind of like the lyric I chose for the title today–sometimes in style, one and one make three.

This lyric is from Bruce Springsteen’s new song “Frankie Fell in Love,” which I am completely obsessed with.  The lyrical genius cannot even been described, and the music pumps you up.  I chose this lyric today because it’s about love, and then I realized it also applies to fashion.  Anyway, check out the song for some serious fun.

For Valentine’s Day wearing a little heart necklace ($1.80 at Forever 21!)

Also, as my Valentine to myself, eating a lot of chocolate today and CARRYING THIS NEW BAG THAT I AM RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED WITH.  I love Aldo bags–they are so affordable and such good quality, not to mention unique and fun and fabulous.  Couldn’t resist this one when I went shopping with my mom last weekend.  Between the color, the structure, the texture…I’m just in love. ❤

What I’m wearing today:

  • Forever 21 dress, necklace, and bracelet
  • LOFT shirt
  • Earrings from Macy’s
  • Aldo bag
  • Hue tights
  • Charlotte Russe boots

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Never Love Anyone Who Treats You Like You’re Ordinary.



I love this quirky dress!  It’s all about the proportions.  Who knew that a peplum on an A-line skirt could work?  It only does because the peplum doesn’t stick out too much and is fairly short.  The changing scale of the print also adds to the proportional magic.  I am a huge fan of the fit-and-flare dress (they’re made for my shape!), and the print in itself is almost fit-and-flare–small on top and big on the bottom.  Such a flattering design.  And I love how it photographs!  I’m not always a fan of Peter Pan collars, but this one is the perfect shape and size, comfortable, and works with the dress really well.  Because of the darker color scheme of the dress it doesn’t seem too cutesy.

Speaking of things that fit perfectly, this is the first appearance of my classic black blazer on this blog.  It fits great and is so flattering over jeans, skirts, OR dresses.  The black and white polka dot lining that peeks out when the sleeves are cuffed adds interest to every outfit and is a fairly easy print to mix with others.

The bangles I’m wearing are a set that I got ages ago at Forever 21.  There are 3, they’re all studded in texture and one is silver, one’s bronzey, the last gunmetal.  They’re a great completer piece when I wearing an outfit that doesn’t revolve around specifically silver or gold accents.

Although you can’t see it in these pics, I’m carrying my go-to black with silver hardware Falabella Stella McCartney bag.

I really like my earrings today, too–they’re big studs with a cluster of purple, lilac, and clear rhinestones.

What I’m wearing today:

  • ASOS dress
  • Ann Taylor blazer
  • Stella McCartney bag
  • Madden Girl boots
  • Forever 21 bangles
  • Ann Taylor Factory Store earrings
  • Hue tights

Hope you guys have an awesome day!

Quote is one of my faves, don’t know who said it just something I’ve seen!

I’m Supergirl, I’m Everywhere




Busy work schedule (read: Calculus) prevented getting a nice pic today.  Thank you to the lovely Alejandra for taking the pics on my phone!

Got this awesome maxi dress as a present!  Very excited about it.  Will look great with a variety of jackets, statement necklaces, belts, and scarves, although I think this is one of those pieces where I’ll keep the color palette fairly simple, pairing it with more black and whatever tone of jewelry moves me that day.

A thick belt really works here to add more definition, especially under a jacket, but this dress would look amazing in warmer whether with no belt, black sandals, and minimal jewelry (maybe a pendant necklace).

I think I’ve already gone on raving about the greatest faux leather jackets in the universe from Express that I have in 3 colors on this blog.  Rocking my trusty black one today.

Jewelry.   You can finally see my bunny ring!  I needed some nice gold studs and got these perfect Vince Camuto ones (that are not only stud earrings but literally pyramid studs) from my Aunt.  Me and my two best friends went on a Forever 21 spree on Black Friday and I said to myself, “Mama needs a new statement necklace.”  And this beautiful baby was the result.   I love the mix of chain, rhinestones, a pearls, all great on their own but amazing together.  Simultaneously edgy and elegant, and the fact that they’re all combined on one necklace makes looking effortlessly cool, well…effortless!

What I’m wearing today:

  • Forever 21 dress, belt, bag, and necklace
  • Express jacket
  • Madden Girl boots
  • Vince Camuto earrings
  • Old Navy ring

Happy Holidays everyone!

Post title from Supergirl by Saving Jane

Going for Baroque





Punny title today, eh? 😉

But seriously in love with this outfit.

I remember pulling this dress off the rack at Forever 21 and thinking I’d try it on for the heck of it.  I loved it but questioned how much I would actually wear it.  It ended up being a really cool shape on me, really risky but wearable.  So I bought it.  I do typically pair it with the same few accessories since it is pretty specific, but every time I wear it I feel awesome and fashion-y.  The brocade/baroque trend is one of my faves.

I am a little over the high-low hemline trend, though I was obsessed for a little while.  I’m over the look, but not over how awesome you feel with the long hem swishing behind you.

Some fab jewelry today.  I got this Chanel charm necklace for my 18th birthday from my parents.  I love Chanel costume jewelry–I have one other necklace that I got in Paris and whenever I wear either of them I feel like I have a touch of classic, high fashion in my look.  This necklace is so playful and features charms of all the classic Chanel things–the twin Cs, a bag, a ballet flat, a hat, a bottle of number 5, and a little 4 leaf clover.  Obsessed.  Also, my ring is a giant bunny.  A tad impractical but so me.  It’s glam and classic and a nod to my favorite animal and the rabbit I had when I was younger!

And of course a red lip makes everything better.

What I’m wearing today:

  • Forever 21 necklace and bag
  • Madden Girl boots
  • Hue tights
  • Chanel necklace
  • Old Navy ring
  • H&M earrings
  • Betsey Johnson single stud earring
  • Bare Minerals lipstick in Moxie

Happy Wednesday!

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar.

zara coat zaracoat2

Very informal pics today that my wonderful friend Lauren took on my phone!  Didn’t have time to do a fancy picture today, but I had to capture this look!  I think the restroom sign in the photo really makes it, don’t you?

Anyway, this is my all-time favorite dress.  I’ve worn it countless times and every time I feel beautiful and feminine.  It definitely put a spring in my step today!  I love it paired with this coat I picked up recently–it echoes the royal blue in the dress pattern, as do the tights, and the black boots tie it all together.  The coat is just generally chic, and with plaid, cobalt and black, faux leather panels, it covers all the huge trends for fall in one piece!  I was never into statement outerwear because I didn’t find it versatile, but it’s such a fun pick me up, and it totally becomes worth it when you’re walking outside to class all the time.  Being able to mix up my coat selection makes the cold a bit more bearable.

The bag was a graduation gift from my godparents.  I was in desperate need of a black bag with silver hardware, and what better one for a fashion-obsessed girl who doesn’t wear leather than Stella McCartney’s Fallabella?

Wearing one of BCBGeneration’s statement bracelets today.  They’ve got a whole line of bracelets in different styles with inspirational words on them.  Mine says “fearless,” which is a word that inspires me for many reasons, not least of which is that Taylor Swifts eponymous song is one of my all time faves.  I’ll never forget a quote by her from when she was promoting that album:

“My definition of fearless is not that you’re not afraid.  It’s that you’re afraid, but you jump anyway.” –Taylor Swift

 It was generally a personal jewelry day–nothing without a meaning.  My necklace is a best friend necklace from my amazing BFF Kristen.  The earrings are Betsey Johnson lightning bold studs that I got for Christmas last year, a nod both to my endless admiration for Betsey Johnson and my Harry Potter obsession.   And of course Aunt Florence’s watch.

What I’m wearing today:

  • Forever 21 dress
  • Zara coat
  • Express tights
  • Madden Girl boots
  • Stella McCartney bag
  • BCBGeneration bracelet
  • Betsey Johnson earrings
  • Necklace from Art Effect Chicago, a gift from Kristen
  • Aunt Florence’s watch

Also, Happy birthday to the best mother in the world!

Post title from Roar by Katy Perry.